Global Travel Conspiracy, Episode 48 – African History With Peter Baxter

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On this week’s podcast, I speak with historian and author Peter Baxter to talk about 20th Century African history. We have a wide-ranging discussion about in and outs of war in Africa, British decolonization, Nelson Mandela, and traveling in Africa.

Having lived in Zimbabwe, Peter also has a unique recollection of Robert Mugabe’s early leadership as a revolutionary and thoughts on the recent events in the country. Peter also touches on Zimbabwe’s history and its future as a country in the next decade.

Join Gary and Peter as they explore parts of Africa’s vast history, to be continued at a later date.

You can find Peter on the web at Enjoy his books on African history as well.

1 thought on “Global Travel Conspiracy, Episode 48 – African History With Peter Baxter”

  1. I loved this discussion. I am skeptical, however, of some of Peter’s comments especially about Robert Mugabe’s replacement. I have read articles about many African leaders and how they are some of the richest people in the world and yet many of their people live in dire poverty. I am going to look into Peter’s books! Thanks for this!

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