Visiting the Heart of Neolithic Orkney in Scotland

The Heart of Neolithic Orkney – Islands of History

Standing on the most north-easterly mainland point of the British Isles the wind blows continually. Offshore amongst raging waters is a collection of islands, the Orkney Islands. The North Atlantic and the North Sea rage whatever the weather. The Pentland Firth, which stands between the British mainland and the Orkney Islands, is well known for …

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Everything You Need to Know About the Territories of the United Kingdom

Territories of the United Kingdom

This article focuses on the Territories of the United Kingdom. It is part of a 4-part series explaining current day situation of the remnants of the colonial empires of the early 20th Century, almost all of which are small islands scattered around the world. Other parts of the series will examine the status of Dutch …

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London Calling

My time in London has been very hectic. I’m staying out of the central London area because everything near the attractions is really expensive. I’m out near Greenwich and the O2/Millenium Dome which really isn’t so bad. I have to spend about £6/day on the train, not including the underground fees. It still is cheaper …

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Anarchy Getting to the UK….or, The Chunnel of Love

To date, all my travel by train (save for 48 hour hell trip from Dallas to LA) has been pretty uneventful. Getting from The Hague to London, however, was sort of a nightmare. It started on Thursday when I was planning on leaving Amsterdam and going to London with a stop in The Hague to …

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Epic Fail

Much of this was written at 40,000 ft above the Atlantic Ocean somewhere between Newfoundland and the Canary Islands. Today I committed the biggest mistake of my entire trip. Last night I purchased my ticket to New York. I got a hotel out near Heathrow because the weekend rates there are cheap and I didn’t …

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