When Things Seem Slow They Are Actually Quite Busy

St. Mark's Square in Venice taken from my room aboard the Carnival Magic
St. Mark's Square in Venice taken from my room aboard the Carnival Magic

The last week or so I haven’t posted much. It has been an extreme case of Gary’s Paradox. This has been due to my manic schedule across Europe and the limited Internet access I’ve had on the Carnival Magic as we have been sailing around the Mediterranean.

Just to give you an idea how hectic things have been for me, since I arrived in Europe on April 19 I have been to:

– Prague
– Cesky Krumlov
– Vienna
– Bratislava
– Ljubljana
– Venice
– Dubrovnik
– Sicliy
– Naples
– Rome
– Cinque Terre

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The Tourist of Venice

After my tiny two day adventure in the tiny country of San Marino, I arrived in Venice where I have been for the last day. Venice is an amazing city. The moment you leave the door of the train station you are hit with the Grand Canal and every stereotype of the city you’ve ever …

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First Impressions of Florence

Rome’s heyday was back in the days of emperors and gladiators. While many of the current structures in Rome were constructed around the time of the Renaissance, most of that talent and money to create those structures came not from Rome but from the north of Italy, in particular Florence. While Florence’s history does trace …

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Goodbye Rome. Hello Florence!

I’ve been in Rome a few days longer than I had planned, but honestly could stay here two weeks longer and still not see everything. I think this is definitely one of the cities I’ll be coming back to at some point. During the last few days I made a trip out to Ostia Antica …

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The Story of the Rome Keyhole Photo

The Story of the Rome Keyhole Photo

The photo of St. Peter’s Basilica through the keyhole to the door of the headquarters of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta is one of the most iconic images of Rome. It is technically a challenging photo to take, but it is one that everyone can get. There are certain iconic photos of famous places …

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When in Rome…

The last several days have been extremely busy for me in Rome. After the grueling day of travel from Tel Aviv to Rome via Athens, I basically slept in and tried to find a more permanent lodging solution (I grabbed a hotel close to the train station in central Rome that was more than I …

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My Big Fat Greek Layover

I only have a few hours left in Israel. At 4am tomorrow I take off to the airport for my 7am flight to Rome. I’ll have an eight hour layover in Athens, so I’m going to try and make the best of it and so see the Acropolis in the time I have. It should …

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Help me plan my trip to Rome

According to the Most Traveled People website, Italy is the most popular place in the world to visit…… which I’ve never visited. As I finally enter Europe in a few days, I’ll like to tap the collective mind of the internet to help me plan my trip to Rome. There are some things I’ll see …

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