Light at the end of the tunnel

6am. 4 hours sleep. Only 3 or so boxes left in the house I smell foul. I’m tired. Walk-through is in 3 hours, then sign the documents and turn over the keys. Then transfer stuff to my dad’s truck. Then, I’m free.

Oh, one other thing…

For those of you with Google Earth installed (and you all should have Google Earth installed….) I have created a rough outline of my trip so far and where I’ll be going in the immediate future. You can open the file here.


I am NOT in Tonga. I am in Samoa. I missed the flight. I read the arrival time as the departure time. I’m off to try and salvage this at the Air New Zealand office in town.

Dallas Meetup

My friend Scott Kurtz and I will be at the Fox and Hound on Midway Road in Dallas, Tuesday night at 7 pm to meet with friends and fans. Come on by if you love traveling, cartooning or any combination of the two.

McArabia: McDonald’s in the Arab World

Since I last wrote about McDonald’s when I was in Dubai, I’ve been in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan. As all of the McDonald’s in the Arabian Peninsula are owned by the same company, there isn’t a whole lot to add to what I had to say about McDonald’s in Dubai. I managed …

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Vacation From Vacation

I’ve started my Melbourne vacation from vacation. It has been a pretty productive first day. I got a new site up and running. It is called Where On Google Earth?. It is pretty simple. I put up an image from Google Earth and you guess where it is from. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be going through …

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Don’t Say I Never Did Anything For You

Thanks to everyone who sent me emails. I was surprised at how lengthy most of them were. Postcards have been sent to the following people: Scott, Minneapolis, MN Wendy, Springboro, OH Cheyanne, Durham, NC Annie, Murrieta, CA Ben, Bloomington, IL Matthew, Appleton, WI Gunter, Belgium Saumel, Switerland Denise, NSW, Australia Sherry, New York, NY Wayne, …

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That Is Some Good Java

I’m alive in Yogyakarta in central Java. I did the most dangerous thing on my trip today. I flew an Indonesian discount airline. The flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta was $29 with taxes. The plane was packed, and they fly pretty much on the hour. Pramabanan and Borobudur are the two big ruins nearby. Either …

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Last Day in Hong Kong

Tomorrow I’m off to Macau. I’m sure I’ll be back to Hong Kong just to get a flight out, but that’s about it. Last night I had the best Mongolian BBQ I’ve ever had and got to see a street performer escape from a straight jacket. Can’t beat that. If nothing else, Hong Kong has …

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