My Hawaii Plans

Here is what I plan to do with my time in civilization:

  • Go see The Simpsons movie
  • Go see the Bourne Ultimatum
  • Get the new Dune novel on Tuesday (Screw Harry Potter. This has been decades in the making)
  • Get a new lens for my camera
  • Get an extra laptop battery
  • Get some computer games to help pass time
  • Send mail home
  • Work on getting my videos up

If anyone has movie suggestions for things I missed over the summer, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “My Hawaii Plans”

  1. Man, The Simpsons and Bourne Ultimatum is a nice combo. I also liked Ratatouille and Surf’s Up. Last time I was in Hawaii (2003), I had just returned after a three week research cruise halfway to Japan, had one night of shore leave, then back on for another three weeks. I had used the slow and spotty ship internet to find movie showtimes and the phone book for a map to get to the cinemas. My movie day was a Bruckheimer duo of Pirates of the Caribbean (first one) and Bad Boys 2. Finish the day with a pineapple smoothie, a stop at the comic book shop, and Borders for an overpriced newspaper from home and it was back to the ship.

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