So Much For Tokelau

Well, my Tokelau dreams have been shattered.

The boat isn’t leaving until Saturday now. That would mean sitting around Samoa for most of this week still and then waiting another week for the plane to Tonga when I get back.

I want to visit Tokelau, but not that bad. I’ll have to put that off for some other time.

My tickets to Melonesia are turning out to be a big pain in the ass.

As soon as I can upload the rest of my photos to Flickr, I’ll publish my big post on Samoa.

2 thoughts on “So Much For Tokelau”

  1. not really.

    It is a 35 hour boat ride. So its at minimum three days for someone if I do nothing but set foot on an island and leave.

    The harbor here has a few sail boats parked, but not many. There are a few ferrys and container ships in the harbor. That’s it. No fishing fleet that I have seen so far. They all seem to be in Pago Pago.

    I have heard a rumor of float planes flying from Suva, Fiji, but that’s it.

    This isn’t like the Carrebian where lots of boats go from island to island and you are never more than an hour or two away from the next island.

  2. So, you really can’t just find some dude with a boat and pay him to take you there? How far is it?

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