Oh, Hawaii!!

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I’m writing this in my room at the Arnott’s Backpacker lodge in Hilo, Hawaii. I’m 3,903 miles as the crow flies from my starting point in Minneapolis and now 5 hours behind CDT (Hawaii doesn’t have or really need daylight savings because of their location closer to the equator).

The weather here is, as always, amazing.

Sunday I’m off to South Point to see the green sand beach and shoot some video. Monday should take me to Volcanoes National Park.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Hawaii!!”

  1. The area which you speak of can be avoided totally if you go south and hug the coast. You can park near the boat landing and walk or if you have a 4 wheel drive, drive right up to the beach.

    I have a few photos. I mostly took video at the beach.

    i’ve been there twice now. Once I walked and today I drove. No problems either time.

  2. I’ve gone to South Point before, but the green sand beach is a ridiculous walk out to what looks like the middle of nowhere. The area is surrounded by shacks and some sort of car dump filled with rather unwelcoming locals. We never actually made it all the way there because I ripped up my foot on the walk there.

    Hopefully you get pictures. I was interested in seeing it, but not enough to get a nasty infection.

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