I am in Miri, Malaysia. The trip from Bandar Seri Begwan took about five hours to travel maybe 50 miles. I had to transfer onto five different buses and take a small boat across a river.

It is very obvious the reliance Brunei has on oil once you get out of the capital. There is evidence of Shell Oil everywhere.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Malaysia, at least East Malaysia. I really only ever hear about Kuala Lumpur. I sort of thought it would be less developed than Brunei considering that the per capita GDP is about half. Statistics lie. If anything it is more developed. At least what I’ve seen with my eyes from the bus in the hour I’ve been here so far.

I’m off to the Tree Top Lodge on the beach for two nights, then I’m flying into Mulu National Park. (you have to fly into Mulu. There are no roads.)

I’m guessing my time online will be very limited the next few days.

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