Aboard the Crown Princess – Day 1

This was written in The Bahamas at 24 35.9107′ N, 76 02.5875′ W

The first day aboard my first cruise has come and gone. Somethings surprised me and some totally met my expectations.

  • The moment people get on board the ship they enter into vacation mode. Just walking around after I put my bags away, I saw the pool area already full and guys were already half way through a bucket of beer bottles. There is no need to wait for the ship to pull away. I sat next to one guy in a bar who wanted to try all 52 martinis on the menu before the cruise was over.
  • I’d say at least half of the people on the cruise are of retirement age. The rest is a mix. I saw one guy during the mandatory fire drill which took place before we left, who said he was 89 years old. This part pretty much met my expectations.
  • I sort of assumed I’d be eating at buffets most of the time which sort of scared me. I enjoy a buffet as much as the next guy, but eating them all the time didn’t appeal to me. The first dining area I found walking around the ship was the buffet which had the smell of buffet in the air. Thankfully, the dinner I had was at a sit down restaurant and was actually pretty good meal. I think I can totally avoid the buffet while I’m here. In fact, given that you can eat for free anywhere, I don’t get why you even need to have a buffet on the ship. The whole ship is a buffet.
  • This cruise is sponsored by Princess Cruise lines and is their attempt at reaching out to the social media world. I’ve never felt so much like a rock star. In reality, at least the check in procedure was the same as what you’d get if you were a member of their “frequent cruiser” program.
  • The staff-to-passenger ratio seems high. The restaurant was crawling with staff. They seem to be everywhere. It is also extremely international. Since I got on board I’ve been keeping a list on my iPhone of the home countries where the crew members I’ve met live:

    I suspect that list will grow over the next few days.

  • The ship moves and the fact that you are on a moving vessel is obvious, but it is not enough to make you sick….at least not me. I get motion sickness very easy. I puked on a boat in the Great Barrier Reef and another in the Red Sea. So far nothing here. The ship is just too big.
  • Speaking of big, I’ve never even been on a boat close to this size. It is enormous. You can easily get lost on it.
  • Today the boat stops at Princess’s private island in the Bahamas. The agenda today is just sitting on the beach, which is something I usually don’t do very well.