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Daily Travel Photo – Big Island, Hawaii

Abandoned wind farm, South Point, Hawaii

Abandoned wind farm, South Point, Big Island, Hawaii

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  1. sunsetquest says:

    There are some by my house in California and they went bankrupt and the pictures look the same. I think this is a pretty big problem with wind farms as the electricity they produce does not pay the loan payments.

  2. Pamela J Carter says:

    Scrapping or repairing them WOULD be a good idea rather than letting them rust out completely. Wonder what happened to the farm manager?

  3. Clive says:

    Stuff wears out, as it happens the steel must be worth a fortune, so some day they’ll be scrapped. Meanwhile, new turbines continue to produce power at ever cheaper prices.

  4. Craig says:

    Was just at South Point (Ka Lae) a week ago. Some of the turbines are working, others are not.

    Evidently, the original wind farm fell into disrepair (don’t know why) and a new set of turbines was installed nearby.

    Here’s what it says on Wikipedia:

    The Kamaoa Wind Farm consisted of thirty-seven Mitsubishi 250 kW wind turbines with an operationally typical total peak output of 7.5 MW. As of 2006 the turbines were falling into disrepair, and they were finally shut down on August 15, 2006. At the end of August 2006, components for a new set of wind turbines were transported to South Point – the Pakini Nui project consists of 14 General Electric wind turbines constructed about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from the old Kamaoa wind farm. Completed in April 2007, Pakini Nui supplies up to 20.5 MW of power to the island electricity grid. At late 2006 levels, this would be about 6.5% of the total 300 MW Big Island electricity supply.

  5. carol says:

    I would like to know why they were abandoned as they have only just built 6 near me, makes you wonder are they worth it?

  6. ameo says:

    guess he means out of business
    and that is great picture ,

    really good work

  7. Gary says:

    I have no clue.

  8. Jesse says:

    Why was it abandoned?

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