Last Day in Hong Kong (for real this time)

Hong Kong, I barely knew ya
Hong Kong, I barely knew ya
I got my tickets and everything is booked. Tomorrow evening I’ll be flying Royal Brunei Airlines to Bandar Darussalam and I’ll finally be out of Hong Kong. I’ve stayed here waaaay longer than I ever anticipated. Granted, I got a lot done and I probably needed to stay put for a few weeks, but I’m getting antsy and it is time to get moving.

I’m currently planning on three days in Brunei, then I’ll be off to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia and Kinabalu National Park. From there I’ll try to visit Gunung Mulu National Park then hop a flight to Jakarta.

I’m on a bit of a schedule. I need to get some documents sent from the states. I’m going to take my planned vacation from my vacation in Australia, where I’ll sit and wait for stuff to get sent and for my passport to get renewed at the US Embassy.

I’m sort of looking forward to Malaysia and Indonesia because I honestly don’t know what to expect. I’m sort of expecting it to be on a par with the Philippines. (Actually, Malaysian per capita GDP is well above the Philippines and Indonesia is below. I have no idea how East/West Malaysia differ, however).

I’ll experience my first land border crossing of the trip this week and my first trip to a predominately Muslim country. Once again, I have no idea what sort of Internet connection I’ll have. Updates might come in bunches when I can find bandwidth.

I don’t know if I want to climb Mount Kinabalu. I have the clothing and shoes but not the pack. I’m sure I’ll find out more in the coming days.

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  1. bummer you missed the bird market. it is a truly interesting place, and it’s right beside the flower street market which is incredible – the most orchids I have ever seen in one place! I really enjoyed visiting Sneaker Street too, and all my time perusing galleries shops restaurants and bars on HK Island. We had a foggy day on Victoria Peak too, but not as bad as yours. See some of our pix on our blog.

    I’m sooper glad I found your site – thru entrecard. I will live vicariously thru you as you proceed on your travels. Have fun!

  2. I loved Malaysia when I visited. It is predominantly Muslim, but if it is the first Muslim country you have been to, you’ll leave (hopefully) with a positive image of Islam. I got stuck in a tiny town near the Cameron Highlands one night. No buses. No hotels. Nada. I was left with only one option. Knock on doors and see if anyone would put me up for the night. I got a bed at the very first door I knocked on – that wouldn’t happen in the UK, nor probably the US!

    Kuala Lumpar is great btw. Are you going there? If you like food it’s a fantastic place to be – Indian, Chinese, Malay and Thai options everywhere you look. The street food is safe and good!

    The internet was good in 2003 when I went so I’m sure you’ll have no probs there.

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