Light at the end of the tunnel

6am. 4 hours sleep. Only 3 or so boxes left in the house I smell foul. I’m tired. Walk-through is in 3 hours, then sign the documents and turn over the keys. Then transfer stuff to my dad’s truck. Then, I’m free.

Wow, I screwed up

Its 12:40am and I’m still packing stuff. I have to be out at 9am. I totally mis-judged how much stuff I had left. I totally forgot some stuff. I got a hotel room close to my house and am moving stuff in here tonight because there is no way I could put it all in …

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My last full day in my house, and so far it has been a great day. I got the peeps at Swiftknowledge to take way all my computers and networking gear. I had the junk guy show up and haul all my crap away. The painter showed up and fixed what needed fixing. I had …


Candid Camera

I’ve picked a camera. I’m going with the Nikon D200. I hope to purchase it later this week. The choice really boiled down to one thing and one thing only. GPS integration. I’m not that sophisticated in photography to know the ins and outs of various camera settings, so the performance wasn’t that big of …

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The more things change

I’m writing this a Panera Bread. I’m not here becasue they have free wireless (it’s down), but becasue they have chairs. I have wireless at my house, but I have no place to sit. I also have no television. Its very interesting how my life has changed in the last few days with the simple …

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Things are geting close

I’m really starting to sense the reality of all this. Dishes. Boxed. Toiliet brushes and plungers. Packed. DVD Collection. In storage. Clothing. Only a suitcase left. Freezer. Empty Fridge. Just soda and bloody mary mix. One week from Tuesday, and I’m out of my house for good. I realize that most of these posts are …

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I am sick

That isn’t a euphemism for how I’m cool or something, I’m literally sick. I hardly ever get sick, but I feel like my head is going to explode. My sinuses have gone in revolt. I feel like I’m that guy in Scanners who’s head blows up. On top of this, my body has the chills …

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