Portovenere, Cinque Terre, and the Islands of Palmaria, Tino & Tinetto

Portovenere, Cinque Terre, and the Islands (Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto)

From the Portovenere, Cinque Terre, and the Islands World Heritage inscription: The Ligurian coast between Cinque Terre and Portovenere is a cultural landscape of great scenic and cultural value. The layout and disposition of the small towns and the shaping of the surrounding landscape, overcoming the disadvantages of a steep, uneven terrain, encapsulate the continuous …

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Historic Center of Naples

Historic Center of Naples UNESCO World Heritage Site, Italy

From the Historic Center of Naples World Heritage inscription: From the Neapolis founded by Greek settlers in 470 B.C. to the city of today, Naples has retained the imprint of the successive cultures that emerged in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. This makes it a unique site, with a wealth of outstanding monuments such as …

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The Pine Trees of Lanai

Pine Trees of Lanai

When you think of traveling to Hawaii, one of the first images which pops into your head is probably a palm tree on a white sand beach. Indeed, Hawaii does have its share of palm trees. On the island of Lanai, however, the tree you will be most likely to find isn’t a palm tree …

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May 2011: Questions & Answers

It is time once again to open up the virtual mailbag and answer the questions which you have been dying to know…. Marianne Schwab asks: What are your top five tips for taking GREAT photos? Get a little technical please. :-) I am a self taught photographer. I’ve never taken a course or read a …

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Old City of Dubrovnik

Old City of Dubrovnik UNESCO World Heritage Site, Croatia

From the Old City of Dubrovnik World Heritage inscription: The ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, situated on the Dalmatian coast, became an important Mediterranean sea power from the 13th century onwards. Although severely damaged by an earthquake in 1667, Dubrovnik managed to preserve its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces, and fountains. Damaged again …

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Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn

Palace and Gardens of Schonbrunn UNESCO World Heritage Site, Austria

From the Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn World Heritage inscription: From the 18th century to 1918, Schönbrunn was the residence of the Habsburg emperors. It was designed by the architects Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and Nicolaus Pacassi and is full of outstanding examples of decorative art. Together with its gardens, the site of the …

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