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The Sorry State of the Travel Channel

Posted by on August 30, 2011

Given the amount of traveling I do I don’t have many opportunities to watch television. When I am back in the US I use Hulu and Netflix to catch up on some of my favorite shows as well as watch some of my favorite channels. In addition to the Discovery Channel and the History channel one channel I used to watch extensively before I started traveling was of course the Travel Channel. The Travel Channel was one of the ways I got my travel fix before I hit the road. When I’ve tuned in to the Travel Channel this month things were different.

It is hard to describe how disappointed I’ve become in the Travel Channel.

Outside of Anthony Bourdain, who is really a food guy when you get right down to it, Travel Channel basically has nothing to do with travel anymore. Take a look at some of their current shows:

Monday’s Links for Curious People: Back from Baja Edition

Posted by on August 29, 2011

Travel Update

Sunset in La PazI had a wonderful time this weekend in La Paz, Mexico in the Baja Peninsula. I was invited there by the Mexico Tourism office to see a city which is often overshadowed by the more popular Cabo San Lucas 2 hours south.

I’ve only had two brief visits to Baja but I really like the place. It is an odd combination of desert and sea, which you don’t often see together.

On Friday we took a day trip to Espíritu Santo Island, which is part of the Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California UNESCO World Heritage site; the 153rd which I’ve visited. We saw a ton of marine life during the trip. We went snorkeling near sea lions, saw a sea turtle and had a pod of dolphins jumping and doing flips near our boat on the way back to port. During our stay on the island we also had a short demonstration on how to make ceviche. (I should note that everyone on the trip other than me was a woman and most of them were food bloggers to boot. Lots of cameras were coming out every time food was served.)