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Daily Travel Photo – Ostia Antica, Italy

Ancient Roman floor mosaic, Ostia Antica, Italy

Ancient Roman floor mosaic, Ostia Antica, Italy

One of the best preserved Roman cities is Ostia Antica. Only an hour from Rome by train, you can easily visit there on a day trip from Rome. Ostia used to be the seaport for Rome, but over the centuries the sediment from the river has pushed the Mediterranean coast several miles away. The walls of most of the buildings in the city are still intact, and many of the decorations including floor tiles like the ones seen above, can still be seen.

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  1. Ostia Antica is also the site of the oldest Jewish Community in Europe bar none. At the time of the Roman empire pre-christian days 10-20% off Rome was Jewish. Today’s Italian-Jewish Community is only about 35,000. Go to the Judiaca Museum in Rome at the main Synagogue in the Jewish Getto to learn about more on Ostia Antica

  2. Nepal Treks says:

    wao whats nice picture. 3 years ago i have visited some place but i didnt take any picture but now i find out picture of that place which i have visited. your picture meke me rememver three years back. any way thank you very much for sharing such a nice picture

    best regards
    Nepal treks

  3. Nice pictures.
    In the mosaic I can recognize the symbol of Rome, the wolf with two kids:Romulus and Remus the traditional founders of Rome.
    Romulus was the first king of Rome.

  4. Ostia is beautiful and in many ways better than Pompeii. I can’t recommend a visit highly enough. You really feel like you’re walking through an ancient town. Things like the Theatre are astonishingly well preserved.

    I accidentally got stuck in a hypercaust there for about an hour. Don’t ask!

    As a result, I learnt this: In Ostia, No One Can Hear You Scream!


  5. Krista says:

    Oh – such good memories this brings back! Went here with one of my brothers and parents a couple years back under a gorgeous, brooding sky. Wonderful day! :-)

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