Loose Chips, Vegas Edition

Posted: October 17, 2009    Categories: Site News

I have now been in Vegas a full week, which is far longer than any mortal should spend in this city. The last several days have been pretty fun, however. I’ve been able to meet people I rarely get to see in person and was able to meet in person several people I know from online.

On Thursday Chris Christensen and I had a meet up at the Fireside Lounge on the strip, which is one of the most awesome spots in all of Las Vegas. It could have been ripped right out of the Playboy Mansion. I got to meet Doug Anweiler and his wife as well as JoAnna Haugen, Jim Benning from World Hum, Trisha Miller from Travel Writers Exchange, and Lou Mongello from Walt Disney World Radio. After that we went to a party at The Bank at the Bellagio for a short time, and then I went on a photowalk with other photographers in front of the Bellagio fountains.

On Friday the conference itself started, The sessions didn’t really teach me anything new, but I didn’t really expect anything. The real benefit of coming to these things are the people you meet. The travel panels are on Saturday so hopefully it will get more interesting.

Some other odds and ends:

– The winner of the $100 Marriott gift card was Jade Broadus. She has been contacted via email about her award.

– My friend Nomadic Matt, who is a fellow travel blogger I’ve met in three different cities around the world, has released an e-book about how to monetize and make money off of your travel blog. I was one of the people he asked to check it out before it was released, and it contains a lot of good information for people who are starting out in the world of travel blogging. He is making over $3000/month while traveling around the world from his websites, so he knows what he’s talking about. You can purchase his ebook right now.

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