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UNESCO World Heritage Site #35: Gondwana Rainforests of Australia

World Heritage Site #35: Gwandana Forests of Queensland

World Heritage Site #35: Gondwana Rainforests of Australia

From the World Heritage inscription:

This site, comprising several protected areas, is situated predominantly along the Great Escarpment on Australia’s east coast. The outstanding geological features displayed around shield volcanic craters and the high number of rare and threatened rainforest species are of international significance for science and conservation.

Unlike most World Heritage sites, the Gondwana Rainforests isn’t one particular place, rather it is a huge expanse of forest that covers much of southern Queensland. It covers multiple national parks, so there are multiple options on where you can visit.

I visited Springbrook National Park just outside of Gold Coast, Queensland. From the hills I could see the Gold Coast skyline and the ocean beyond. Springbrook is an easy drive from Gold Coast or Brisbane. I was there on a school holiday and the park was packed. In addition to some stunning waterfalls, there is an overlook where you can view the plains of New South Wales.

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  1. Travellyn says:

    Your Message I havn’t been to the Gondwana Rainforests, although I’ve heard of Springbrook often enough. I often think that there is nothing to equal the beauty of the Australian rainforests and scenery.That is a great photo. It is wonderful to travel overseas but it makes you appreciate home more. I visited Prague many years ago and it was interesting to read about your experience with the old man. Have a great time.

  2. Pinky says:

    That’s so awesome that you’re travelling around the world. I’ve done some travel overseas and about to embark on my first cruise! Very exciting and scary. In the short term though I am planning to explore around Queensland and then go from there and expand to the rest of Australia and then overseas again. Good luck!

  3. BenSpark says:

    Gary, have you heard about the best job in the world? Information is at and it takes place in Queensland, AU. I'm going to apply but I think you would also be a great candidate especially with all your world travels.

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