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Daily Travel Photo – Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong Esclator System

Hong Kong Esclator System

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  1. havent seen these .. but have used them in Barcelona, Spain .. going up to Guell (sp?) park .. maybe i put a photo of them on my wordpress blog.. can’t remeber!

  2. trekdigest says:

    So true. Hong Kong is definitely a vertical city.

  3. Phill says:

    You know what sucks? Finding out about an escalator after climbing the stairs.

  4. cole says:

    Wow! who knew? Crazy! I hate long stairs like that because of my short legs

  5. Tonnie says:

    Been there done that. But I went down instead of up. I used it after going to Victoria Peak. On the way down I stopped at a Krisoy Kremes.

  6. Flug says:

    but still some people using the stairs.

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