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Gary is currently in Grand Chute, WI (May 22nd, 2015)

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Clean Sweep

I’m leaving Broome today. I have a 6-7 hour drive to Port Headland where I’ll stay overnight before I head to Exmouth. Almost the entire coast between here and Port Headland is beach. It is known as 80 Mile Beach, which is an understatement because it is much longer than 80 miles. If you look […]

McDonald’s Australia (or, Long Live The King)

I know that my McDonald’s posts are some of the most popular ones I do, but seeing how long I’ve been in Australia (waaaay longer than I ever intended), I haven’t had a whole lot to write about. Since the beginning of the year, in addition to Australia I’ve been in Brunei (no McDonald’s that […]

Magnificent Desolation

Buzz Aldrin described the surface of the moon by saying it was “Magnificent Desolation”. That phrase could probably be used to describe the part of Western Australia I’ve been driving through the last three days. Since I’ve left Darwin, by my trip odometer, I’ve put on about 2,200km (about 1,400 miles). Western Australia is EMPTY. […]

Plants and birds and rocks and things

Driving yesterday went much longer than I thought it would. The map is deceptively small. Most of the drive was near the Victoria river and the Victoria River Gorge in Gregory National Park. The scenery was quite stunning and unexpected. It reminded me a lot of West Texas and New Mexico, except with more trees. […]

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