I finally got my camper and I’m off to Kakadu National park today in the Norther Territory. I had to wait an extra day for my camper, but it was no big deal. In addition to Kakadu I’ll probably stop at Lichfield National Park on way to Western Australia. I have plenty of time to get to Perth so I’ll probably take my time. I’ve been told the diving in Exmouth is really good, so I might stop an investigate that.

I have no idea what the internet situation will be like over the next few weeks. I know there are some towns on the way, but nothing major. I’ll be camping most nights, so if I do have internet access, I doubt if I’ll be able to upload images until I can get to Broome at the soonest. The scenery should be amazing. This really is the outback. Perhaps I’ll even get to have a real bloomin onion….

Lets also hope I don’t get eaten by a crocodile.

2 thoughts on “Kakadu”

  1. I did the dive @ Exmouth under the navy pier which is awesome. Supposed to be one of the 10 best dives in the world or Oz. Abundant fish, white tip reef sharks which can be very closely approached. Do check on dive times as they depend on the tide. Very much worthwhile the money!
    Even a better spot (2x as good as Ningaloo Reef) out of Broome are supposed to be the Rowley Shoals (?) Islands. Can only be dived during the dull drum season (oct-dec)…

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