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Gary is currently in Grand Chute, WI (May 22nd, 2015)

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Daily Travel Photo – New South Wales, Australia

This is waterfall in the Blue Mountains National Park. I took this in a cable car that was crossing the gorge. I literally wrapped my camera around my hand with the neck strap and stuck it out the window.

My Weekend At Tassies

Hobart from Mt. Wellington in the early morning sun I didn’t plan on spending a lot of time in Tasmania. It had nothing to do with Tasmania per se, it just had to do with my schedule and the fact is Tasmania is an island, it is really far south, and it is now autumn […]

Disaster Averted

Everything safe and sound in the good ol’ USA After two weeks of anxiety, indigestion and near heart attacks, my photos have finally arrived safely in Minnesota. Once they had the information they “needed”, everything took 2 days, which I must say is way faster than I thought it would take. You can witness the […]

Daily Travel Photo – Sarawak, Malaysia

A stalagmite inside of Wind Cave, Mulu National Park. Taking photos inside caves without a tripod or a real flash was a challenge. I’d say 90% of the photos I took came out absolutely unusable because of blurring or focus problems.

Disaster Recovery

I took an impromptu plane flight from the beach on Fraser Island My photos are now in Subic Bay, Philippines. I can only assume that FedEx has some sort of regional hub there. (click here to see where the package is) So, after all this angst and worry, the only thing I needed to give […]

Daily Travel Photo – Tasmania, Australia

Contrary to popular belief, the Tasmanian Devil does not travel is a cloud of dust.

The Banana Republic of Cairns

I’ve finally arrived in Cairns. Total damage done: nine days, four World Heritage Sites, and 3,030 km (1,882 miles). I’m staying in Cairns for five days to catch up on my photos and get my things together for Papua New Guinea. I’ll also be able to spend ANZAC Day in Australia, which should be interesting. […]

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