This Is My Last Blog Post Ever

Another Person
Revels In Love For Others
Only Loves Self..

– Plutaricart, 176 B.C.

This website originally began as a joke. I never intended it would get this popular and would gain the following it has. As the months have passed I have had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. It is time to let everyone know the truth:

I’ve been living a lie. I haven’t been traveling around the world. In fact over the last 9 months, I haven’t even left my house.

Me, the real Roy DeWitt
Me, the real Roy DeWitt

My real name is Roy Dewitt. I’m 47 years old and live off disability in Macon, Georgia. I’ve never even left the United States.

I originally started this site as a way to pretend what it would be like to travel. Traveling around the world was always my life’s dream. I was involved in a construction accident 16 years ago and since then I ballooned to 400 pounds. With the injury and weight gain, I am unable to leave the house now.

Travel is something I’ve always wanted to do. I took some photos from different people on Flickr and started to write as If I was traveling.

Eventually, more people started reading the website so I found the website of some guy from Eastern Europe who was traveling and I just followed where he was going and wrote about the adventures I thought he would be having. Gary is just a fictitious character who embodies all which men want to be, and all women want to be with.

One thing led to another and the next thing you know, I have thousands of people reading this site every month.

I eventually told my pastor about what I was doing and he said I should come clean before someone gets hurt. I was getting too many emails from women who were attracted to the adventurous, macho, modern-day Indiana Jones character which I had created in Gary. I was wrong of me to put such a strong, intelligent and attractive persona on the internet.

Now that I’ve come clean, I hope that everyone can forgive me.

Good Bye, Roy

36 thoughts on “This Is My Last Blog Post Ever”

  1. You have 2 names Roy DeWitt and Gary Arendt .
    Your real name could be Arendt DeWitt .
    This is interesting or? Arendt your fist name and DeWitt your familyname.
    So ” Arendt De Witt ” a 100% Dutch name, did you khow that ?
    How do I know that I was born and raise in Holland.
    And than I was traveling 20 years around the world for a German Company and than I settled in America the beautifull.
    But Roy Gary you doing great with your website. Now start losing some weight 400-350-300———————200 you can do it .
    Thomas Hoffman.

  2. Gary, met you at Princess Tui’s in Samoa.
    Have been following you. Clicked on your April Fool’s blog – we knew the REAL you! So can’t fool us…. ha ha ha. Glad to see you have a REAL fan club now… from your old fans…
    john and mary

  3. Your mother called me and said “get on Gary’s blog”!! Oh my goodness Gary, we had quite a chuckle. How in the heck did you think of this April Fool joke…..very good! I think you have a few folks wondering. It’s a joke folks, enjoy. Be happy, safe and we all love you. Auntie Judy

  4. Ok. Just so we are clear. April 1 is called April Fools day. People play jokes on April 1. This post is a joke.


    Not real. Fake. False. Pretend. Fantasy. Fiction.

  5. Hello
    I enjoed traveling with you on this website, so try to work with real travellers or people who can provide you with stories and photos from around the world.
    i’ll try to help you id you decide to continue

  6. Boy, things have gone downhill since college for you Gary/Roy. Still getting over . .. ?
    Happy April Fool’s Day. Take a shower.

  7. That is a great post. I am visiting the blog for the first time today after hearing the Amateur Traveler podcast interview. I was a bit shocked for a second.

    Great post!

  8. That explains a lot Gary or roy whatever your name is. Thats why you haven’t been coming to christmas or easter or my BIRTHDAY or any have been trying to cover your weight up by saying you are traveling around the world well i’m glad i know the truth now.

    Your favorite nefu

  9. I agree with you cousin Jenny. he should go right throgh the car wash.I bet he has changed alot since you have seen him last.

  10. Man, I can smell you in Appleton! Dude, it’s a new invention called SOAP! No, wait, TWO new inventions – SOAP and a WASHCLOTH!!! How do you get at your crevices??? Aww hell, you need to just lay on the belt, put yourself in neutral, and go through the car wash. That would get them all!

  11. uncle gary (roy) I can’t believe how you let yourself go while your traveling around the world.I am so discusted. but I can’t wait to see you.

    Your favorite,
    neice Courtney

  12. I forgot it was April Fool’s Day and believed it for a minute, but on second thought, your pictures never matched your descriptions…don’t try to lose the’ll/he’ll (whoever’s in the picture) need $200,000 worth of plastic surgery to get rid of all that SKIN!!!!

  13. Dear Roy,

    There are few people on this earth who have braveness to tell the truth. I know and understood your feelings when you confessing against your real feelings. It is nice to evaluate ourselves when we are at certain situation. You have one more skill (I might think that or may I false) how to write. Dear Roy, it is not a easy job. I could not possible to write without any experience. But got gifted you such type of skill. I request you please never left from this blog land. You are the necessity of the time and guide someone who is in difficult condition. God may give you much more courrage to escape you from your current situation. I never advice you (because I have less experience than you) but just you to please do some sort of exercise to escape this situation. Your presence on this earth for some special cause. You are required to help people and give a new face to blogging world. So, don’t leave and work for better.

    India On Wheels

  14. don’t stop for nothing mate. life is for the Blogging. However i will do a follow up review of your blog now that you’ve laid all the facts on the table. All the best.

  15. I literally felt my heart constrict. Then I noticed the date. Phew!
    Too bad about your flight being cancelled…

  16. My question was who would take the picture? No way anyone’s hanging out with Roy DeWitt. Roy DeWitt looks like he doesn’t smell very good…

  17. Well Roy,

    Thanks for coming clean… I must say, you had me fooled!! Everyone needs a hero these days, and Gary was an inspiration for us all.

    My god boy, put a sheet on or something!!!

  18. noooo please don’t leave us! I think you are cute. Don’t listen to the others here, you’re not a fool!

  19. LOL!

    Gary, you could have at least linked to proper travel blog of the guy from Central Europe. Just one post in that blog will not do! :))) And Gary is not Eastern European name, at least, I’ve never heard of.
    For a moment I was about to say “that’s why I didn’t get that postcard yet!”

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