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See Ya Sydney

Sydney Skyline HDR (by Everything Everywheretream)

Sydney, its been nice, but I think we should see other cities.

The last few days have been an exercise in frustration. I’ve spent hours trying to upload video only have it end up in failure, I couldn’t get iMovies to export my video, and made a big screw up with Google. There are limits on how much time I can spend on photos and the website, however. So in a few hours, I’m off to Queensland.

I managed to get a really cheap car to rent from Sydney to Cairns, which leads me to believe that most rentals go the other way. I’ll have nine says to make the trip, which should be plenty of time. The trip will take me to Brisbane, and four world heritage sites: Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, Fraser Island, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Wet Tropics of Queensland.

Sydney to Cairns seems to be the road trip people make in Australia. It is also no small endeavor. To give you an idea of the distance, it is like driving from Jacksonville, Florida to the north shore of Lake Superior in Ontario, or in Europe, like driving from the middle of Turkey to northern Ukraine.

Australia overlaid on the US

I’m ready to leave Sydney. I have nothing against the city, I’ve just stayed here too long. I need to get moving. I should be in Brisbane in 2-3 days. I know I have some readers there, so if you want to get together for a beer or something, send me an email.

I’ll be doing periodic updates the next nine days when I can find Internet, but I wouldn’t expect too much. Given how poor the internet has been at this hostel, I’m not sure it will be any worse.

As you can see below, during the next week I’m showing photos I took from my previous trips, just to do something different. The image quality wont be quite as good because I didn’t have a very good camera, but it will let you see something a bit different than what I’ve been showing you.

I’ve pretty much given up on everything I’ve sent from Bali. It seems that no one has gotten a post card, or at least I haven’t been told of anyone getting a post card.

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  1. Sydney has a really nice skyline. Nice picture.

  2. Wendy says:

    No postcard here in Ohio. You will love the Great Barrier Reef. I snorkled there many years ago and the colors were nothing I could ever describe…so beautiful. I have snorkeled in many places and this is by far the best. Cairns was also my favorite Austrailian city. We stayed in some little small beach community with the beach and all these restaurants and shops within walking distance. I wish I could remember move, but it is where I think I belong permanently.

  3. Nomadic Matt says:

    The Gold Coast/Brisbane area is like being in ft. lauderdale or west palm beach…

    Stop by my part of the web sometime!

  4. 2chey says:

    Hi, no, haven’t received a postcard yet. If I do, will post a comment. Have fun out there.

  5. Wayne of Long Beach, CA says:

    Yup, still no card in Long Beach. Looking forward to your pix of the Great Barrier Reef.

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