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Inside my bungalow After having gone ga-ga over Pohnpei, I wouldn’t think I would have been as impressed with Kosrae, but I was. My stay on Kosrae was at the Kosrae Village which was very similar, at least in construction, to the Village in Pohnpei. All of the structures were built by locals out of […]

Post Card Extravaganza!!!!

I’m off to the airport in 30 minutes to spend most of today on an airplane to Palau. Seeing that Palau is the last place I will be in the world with any sort of link to the US Postal System, I’m going to make a special offer to the readers of this website. To […]

Working Vacation

I’ve been here two days and I’ve done little more than catch up on my writing and photo editing. I haven’t seen much of Majuro (not that there is much to see). I have had some interesting conversations with some American ex-pats however. I’ll try to take a few photos to give you a flavor […]

The Most Beautiful Island In the Pacific

Kepirohi Waterfall Pohnpei is the most beautiful place I’ve visited in my trip so far. Hands down, no questions. I was completely taken aback at the flowers, birds, lagoon, mountain, and the reef. The place I stayed was the Village Hotel, which is exactly what you think of when you dream of living on an […]


I don’t think I was prepared for Saipan. Most of the places I’ve been in the Pacific have been….well, Pacific. There has been a common thread to them. They are all sort of laid back and underdeveloped to various degrees. They take pride in local customs and languages, even if they are only used to […]

Marshall Islands Internet

For a country so tied to the US, I had rather assumed that the Marshalls would have decent internet connections. It is the worst I’ve seen in the pacific by a long shot. I’ve been almost everywhere in the pacific so I got an idea for how expensive and slow it is to get online. […]


I stated in one of my entries from Tonga that it was my first time on a coral atoll. That should be corrected. The main island of Tonga, Tongatapu, isn’t at true coral atoll. It is a raised atoll. It is flat like an atoll, but it is not the classic ring shaped one dimensional […]

A Micronesia Moment

I haven’t had an internet connection this week and I’m currently on a dial up, so this will be short. Micronesia has been one of the highlights of my trip so far. I’ve been living in grass shacks, eating fruit off the trees, diving, hiking in the rainforest and living life like it was a […]

Caesar in Ponhpei

When you travel on the seat of your pants like I do (not booking far in advance and doing things at the last minute) there is always the risk of not being able to go somewhere at the time you want. The biggest risk is running into a busy weekend or a convention and there […]

McPacific America

It’s as psudo-american as taro pie! I’m lumping McDonald’s for Hawaii, Guam and Saipan all together. They are pretty much the same and all share the one unique thing I find interesting. The McDonalds in Waikiki did something I liked an haven’t seen anywhere else. They gave you a free package of diced pineapple with […]

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