Caesar in Ponhpei

When you travel on the seat of your pants like I do (not booking far in advance and doing things at the last minute) there is always the risk of not being able to go somewhere at the time you want. The biggest risk is running into a busy weekend or a convention and there not being any rooms or plane seats available.

So far on my trip I’ve been lucky, but I think I might have just hit my first snag. There are no rooms on Chuuk the next two days. There is some sort of conference on the island. I may have to skip Chuuk (aka Truk) and move right to my second destination, Pohnpei, tomorrow.

….and Saipan? Oh man…

***EDIT*** I had to make a quick judgement call. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone in Pohnpei, so rather than risk it, I’m going to stay in Guam for two days and go directly to Pohnpei from here. My schedule will be exactly the same, I’m just replacing Chuuk with Guam. Not really the ideal situation, but I’ll make due.