Everything You Need to Know About the Territories of the United States

Everything you should know about the territories of the United States

This article focuses on the territories of the United States. It’s part of a three-part series explaining the current day situation of the remnants of the colonial empires of the early 20th century, almost all of which are small islands scattered around the world. Other parts of the territories series examine the status of British …

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Rock Islands Southern Lagoon, Palau

Rock Islands Southern Lagoon UNESCO World Heritage Site, Palau

I visited the rock islands of Palau back in 2007. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in July of 2012. There are few places that were more deserving of World Heritage status than the rock islands of Palau. Despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, the rock islands feature …

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Kosrae Village and Ecolodge

I am not being paid anything for this post. I will not receive any sort of commission. In fact they have no idea I’m writing this. I’m not even sure if they remember me or my visit. I am always asked for suggestions on where to travel. Everyone wants to find some place which is …

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Final Thoughts on Palau

Palau Rocks. Pun intended. I’m not sure why Palau works, but it does. If you look at other Pacific nations with similar populations, they are pretty much basket cases politically and economically. Palau has managed to create a country with a standard of living higher than its neighbors (save for Guam) and a stable government. …

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Micronesian Military

I want to post this before I leave Micronesia and forget about it. While walking through the Guam airport I was struck by a large sign that listed the Micronesian servicemen and women who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. I knew that Guam and CNMI had soldiers in the US military. While I was in …

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