Marshall Islands Internet

For a country so tied to the US, I had rather assumed that the Marshalls would have decent internet connections.

It is the worst I’ve seen in the pacific by a long shot.

I’ve been almost everywhere in the pacific so I got an idea for how expensive and slow it is to get online. I am at the National Telecom Authority in Majuro right now using a terminal. While I was waiting for a computer (20 teenage Mormon missionaries descended on the place) I checked out the prices for “broadband” internet connections in Majuro.

A 512k connection, worse than most DSL connections in the US, is $5,000 per MONTH….and that isn’t even for the bandwidth which is an extra $800 per month. A 64k connection, about as bad as a dial up modem, is $800 per month and $200 for bandwidth.

I haven’t been enough places to compare, but the Marshalls just might have the worst internet set up in the world.