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Even MORE Wonders

I should have seen this coming….

The New Seven Wonders organization, now that they are done with the this round, have announced a competition for the New Seven Natural Wonders.

On 8/8/08, a panel of “experts” will release a list of 21 things everyone will vote on. I can already tell you what a bunch of them will be. In fact, remember this post next year and see if I am right. I bet most of my predictions are in the top 21:

  1. The Grand Canyon (USA)
  2. The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  3. Mount Everest (China/Nepal)
  4. N’gorongoro Crater (Tanzania)
  5. Antarctica or some subset
  6. Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
  7. Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwae)
  8. Iguaçú Falls (Argentina/Brazil)
  9. The Amazon River (Brazil)
  10. Niagara Falls (USA/Canada)
  11. Yellowstone Park (USA)
  12. Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania/Kenya)
  13. Mont Fuji (Japan)
  14. Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)
  15. The Saraha Desert or some subset
  16. Ayers Rock (Australia)
  17. Ha Long Bay (Vietnam)
  18. Fijords (Norway)

Other things that could make the final cut:

  • Yomesite Valley (USA)
  • Angel Falls (Venezuela)
  • Redwood/Giant Sequoia Forests (USA)
  • Palau
  • Lake Baikal (Russia)
  • Bay of Fundy (Canada)
  • Milford Sound (New Zealand)

The top three are an absolute lock for the last seven, as is something with the Amazon and Antarctica. One waterfall will also make it, and that will be totally up to who can rig the votes the most. That is six of the 7 right there.

In fact, given the press coverage this last competition got, I wonder if bookies in the UK will put up odds shortly.

I should just start a site for “Gary’s Wonder’s of the World”. I’d put three places there from my trip so far: The Big Island of Hawai’i, Easter Island, and Milford Sound.

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  1. Hmm, “Gary’s Spots You Must See Before You Die” list. Sounds like a winner….

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