This Week in Travel – Episode 231

This week I’m joined by my co-hosts Jen Leo and Chris Christensen and this week’s guest Spud Hilton of the San Francisco Chronicle

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This Week’s News:

Picks of the week:

Arbitrary 2018 Travel Lists - This Week in Travel #231 (with Guest Spud Hilton from the SF Chronicle)

1 thought on “This Week in Travel – Episode 231”

  1. That was a good show!
    (I thought I should also mention that after I criticized an earlier episode.)

    Your arbitrary list for 2018 was really funny and spot on.

    As someone who generally prefers smaller cities and lesser-known sites, places and regions, I also love the idea of focusing on what is within a 1/2-hour perimeter of completely overrun cities. It makes sense that you focused on Europe, because there the public transport allows for such day trips with relative ease.

    Lastly, I am happy to hear that you will come to Montenegro in February.
    I have been living in Kotor for a few months now and I am here until the end of February. I joined a local hiking group, so I know some beautiful spots for taking photos of the bay. If you are interested or if you have any other questions about Montenegro, please feel free to contact me.
    My focus is more on writing than on photography – see one recent example from a hike in the Bay of Kotor: – but from working with photographers, I have some idea about the requirements regarding position and light and time of the day. I would be very happy to get together during your time in probably the most beautiful country in Europe.

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