This Week in Travel – Episode 141 (Live TBEX Edition)

This special episode of This Week in Travel was the closing keynote for the TBEX North America conference in Toronto Ontario. I joined my co-hosts Jen Leo and Chris Christensen along with our guest Spud Hilton, travel editor of the San Francisco Chronicle

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3 thoughts on “This Week in Travel – Episode 141 (Live TBEX Edition)”

  1. What an AWESOME segment. Thank you! I am such a newb to all of this and so hungry to learn. I am so glad you covered “breaking into blogging now” and emphasized the importance of quality vs. quantity.

    I must admit, I have been a little red in the face since I started the Fairytale Traveler. Blogging and connecting through social media when my first excursion (outside of TBEX Dublin) is not even scheduled until May 2014 feels a little like, well, not traveling (though I have been traveling abroad and in the U.S. for years prior to blogging).

    It was such a relief to hear that it is advisable to blog, build the audience, “couch surf”, and do the research a whole year prior. Mind blown when I heard that Chris travels just 4 weeks a year! Such a relief!!

    The “couch surf” is by no means an easy gig though. Some days I go into my office and it’s like a time machine, the sun has set, Conan is on TV and I am surrounded by a hamster nest of coffee cups and scratch notes. Virtual travel is exhausting but I love it as much as the field work.

    I do have a question for you. As a travel blogger my relative content obviously needs to be about my travel niche however, I find it nearly impossible and selfish to not write about everything I’m learning about as a new blogger in this industry. For example, you ever-so nicely pointed out the other day that my pinterest pins shouldn’t be attached to my twitter feed. Do you think there is a place on a new blog for blogging tips, or do you think those learned facts should be left to more experienced bloggers?

    Thank you again for posting this. I’m sorry I missed the last TBEX but I am very excited to be attending in October (my first). Also, thank you for taking the time to connect and give me pointers. It goes a long way. Hope you’re enjoying the Dutch Caribbean.


    • There is tons of information online. Your best bet is to join one of the online groups in Facebook for Travel Bloggers. Lots of people there who can help you.

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