The Road to Saipan

I’m off to Saipan in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marinas Islands in a few hours.

I have my flights booked through to October 3, so the month of September is locked up. Here is my schedule:

  • August 31: Saipan, CNMI
  • Sept. 3: Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)
  • Sept. 5: Pohnpei, FSM
  • Sept. 7: Kosrae, FSM
  • Sept. 10: Majuro, Marshall Islands
  • Sept. 13: Koror, Palau
  • Sept. 19: Manila, Philippines
  • Oct. 3: Taipei, Taiwan

I’ve decided to visit the Philippines and Taiwan before going to Japan. It just worked out better with the flights. I also wasn’t able to fit a trip to Yap in because of flight schedules.

I have the second part of my Rennell trip ready to get posted, I’m just formatting the photos. My brief adventure on Guam will also be up soon.

I have also caught up on my photos and have uploaded everything to Flickr.

As the Pacific part of my adventure is nearing an end, I’m sure many of you will be happy to read about places you’ve actually heard of, rather than just tiny little islands in the middle of nowhere :)

4 thoughts on “The Road to Saipan”

  1. Gary, I must say that you keep referring to the Marianas as 'Marinas'. Please note that there are 3 A's in the name and not 2.

  2. I bet 99 out of 100 US Americans would answer “No” when asked if the US had a commonwealth.

    But maybe that’s due to the lack of maps.

  3. Nah, islands in the middle of nowhere are more intriguing. We can go anywhere to read about trips to China or Japan…

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