Stuck Between Airborne Volcanic Rock And A Hard Place

Bangkok, I'm yours for a few more days
Bangkok, I'm yours for a few more days
I was supposed to be leaving for Spain today, but fate finds me still in Thailand. The huge ash cloud hovering over Europe has caused enough chaos in the air traffic system that I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be leaving. My hope is that I will be leaving within a day or two, but I have no idea.

Technically, Spain hasn’t really been effected by the ash cloud. It hasn’t extended beyond the French Pyrenees so far. However, my original flight was supposed to be on Air France with a connecting flight through Paris. Moreover, planes which might have flown a route to Bangkok might have been stranded in Germany, so things gets screwed up all over the world.

The end result is that even though there is technically no ash between Thailand and Spain, I’m stuck in Bangkok.

Furthermore, while flights are now starting to fly in Europe, the first priority is getting people back who have been stranded the past week. I’ve met several people in Bangkok who have been stranded here because their flights to Europe have been canceled (I should note that none of them are really complaining). So even if flights start taking off, I might be stuck a few more days than I otherwise would have just waiting for the glut of passengers to clear out.

I have to be in Valencia on the 29th to give my presentation, so I’m not in any big rush. I’ll end up having to move part of my Spanish adventure to after May 18th when I get back from Israel.

Until I hear more and report otherwise, I’m stuck in Bangkok.