Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

I’m killing a few hours as I wait for the Wellington ferry in Picton and figured I’d rent some internet time.

I got a lot of help from everyone before I came to New Zealand. If anyone has suggestions for what to see/do in Fiji, I’m all ears. I’ll be arriving in Fiji on June 7. After rushing all over New Zealand, I plan on taking it easy on Fiji. I think I’ll be hopping up the Yasawa Islands and staying at the cheap backpacker places there and doing some diving. Fiji is supposed to have the best soft corals in the world and I really love soft coral. (I do. I used to have a saltwater aquarium and had mostly soft coral)

I’ll also be using Fiji as my jumping point for the rest of the nations on the Pacific. Mostly places that you have probably never heard of, or if you have, know nothing about. I need to figure out just how and where I’ll be going from Fiji. Logistically, it will be the hardest part of my trip I think.

I think I’m going to get back to Auckland a day early so I can get my crap together before I leave, wash my clothes, etc. I also have to get my video tapes in order, burn my photos to DVD, and do some housekeeping on the website. (Add lat/long data to most of my posts)

On a related note, my GPS is no longer working with my D200 camera. Something is goofy with the cable. It will work if I hold it in a really wierd angle, sort of like when you have to do a dance with rabbit ears to get good TV reception. I’ve also took a few stabbs at HDR photos yesterday. I’ll know how it turned out tomorrow.

I hope everyone enjoys their extened Queen’s Birthday weekend….