How to Plan a Trip to Waiheke Island

How to Plan a Trip to Waiheke Island

When an internationally recognized publication like ‘Travel + Leisure’ lists Waiheke Island as the Best Island in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, and the fifth-best island in the world in 2018—and “Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel’ lists it as one of the ten best regions in the world in 2016—then you know for sure …

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The Rugby World Cup

I am writing this on the Sunday Morning of the finals of the Rugby World Cup in Auckland, New Zealand. Tonight’s final match will be the New Zealand All Blacks vs Les Bleus of France. I was last in New Zealand in 2007. I spent 3 weeks driving around the country and the one thing …

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The Seven Wonders of New Zealand

Charlotte Harbor New Zealand Wonders of the World

Ladies, gentlemen and Kiwis of all ages, it’s time to dust off our categorization of the Seven Wonders of World series, inspired by the New 7 Wonders contest years back, and take a close look at all that New Zealand offers! It’s no secret we find it a fascinating country (enough that we profiled it …

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ANZAC Day in Australia

Today is ANZAC* Day in Australia, New Zealand and several countries in the Pacific (Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji I think). It is the day which Australians and Kiwis remember their war dead. In the US it would be the equivalent of Memorial Day, or Remembrance Day in the UK. ANZAC Day, from what I’ve gathered, …

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Thoughts on New Zealand

Other than some obvious things like driving on the left, I’m amazed at how easy it is for an American to fit in, in New Zealand. As I was driving around the country, I could just as easily have been in any number of US states. As I’d drive around, I’d say “this is just …

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Can I Has Kiwiburger?

You know you want it and here it is. The New Zealand McDonald’s update. Any discussion of New Zealand McDonald’s has to start with the Kiwiburger. The slogan for the Kiwiburger is “Kiwiburger: That’s Our Tucker”. I have no clue what that means. I guess it is some sort of Kiwi slang that is supposed …

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