Say YES! to Napier!

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I’m writing this in Napier, NZ. A very nice town, with I’m guessing a very strict policy on new construction, and a very destructive past.

The city center is pretty much all art deco architecture. The reason is, back in the 1930’s, the town got hit by and earthquake, so when they rebuilt, everything had a similar architectural style.

I didn’t take any photos. I just spend the afternoon walking around and had lunch. I’m going to try to get closer to Auckland with the time I have remaining tonight. I’d like to get into Auckland sometime tomorrow and give me a day to get ready for Fiji. I have a bunch of final thoughts about New Zealand and my McDonald’s update I’ll post as soon as I can get online with my laptop.

I’ve had cloudy skies almost non-stop for the last four weeks. The last two days I’ve had partly cloudy skies and some blue which has been nice. I’m ready to get back to warm(er) weather and more hours of daylight. Its really not cold here, but its not tropical either. I’m losing my Chaco tan.

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  1. Gary,

    It has been great following your expoits as you travel the world. I have never been so impressed and envious of another human being in my life. Your photos have been outstanding. I wish you continued success on your journey and keep the commentary and photos coming.


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