22 Photos That Will Change Your Mind About Northern Wales

Last November I had the pleasure of visiting Northern Wales as a guest of Visit Wales. I had never been to Wales before and it wasn’t high on my list of places to visit. It is so often overshadowed by England that it doesn’t usually get the attention it deserves. As you can see from my photos, I found Wales to be a pleasantly surprising place with its own rich language, culture and landscape. I visited two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Northern Wales: Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Canal and The Castles and Town Walls of King Edward in Gwynedd. You can see photos of both below.

You will also notice the sign at the train station in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch. My guide for the area could pronounce it flawlessly in Welsh!

14 thoughts on “22 Photos That Will Change Your Mind About Northern Wales”

  1. Great photos, great place! I didn’t know this wonderful part of Wales. It’s like inside a movie in the time of great battles for castles. Congratulations!

  2. Even small welch words are hard to spell. Like anfrwdfrydig meaning

    unenthusiastic. Speel this.

  3. These pictures have caused me to sit here in tears as I look at them and remember yet again how much I enjoyed this part of the U.K. I went there in 2000 and I have not been the same person since. I loved this country and especially the northern part of Wales so much that I cried all the way home on the plane as I had really wished I could of stayed there. This is a beautiful country with so much to see in the way of gorgeous historic places that I had only read about in history book so long ago. And for me to be there was a very emotional event. My grandparents were born in the U.K. and so it was extra special to me to be able to be there. I felt like I was at home and I just didn’t want to leave there. There is so much history every where you drive and to remember learning about that in school was so spectacular for me. I love your pictures so much. It brought more memories back to me in such fabulous detail… You do a superb job of capturing the true meaning of each site that you have taken a picture at. Oh how I wish I could go there again… I know I have waffled on as they say there when you won’t shut up and I know I have just kept going on and on but I just fell in love with this country and wish with my whole heart that I could be there. If you have a chance to get to Great Britain you are foolish to not make plans to spend a week or so in the northern part of Wales….. In the Denbigh area to be exact…. Actually just any where in the northern part. Thanks for your time. I know if you have gotten this far that I have taken up a lot of it.

  4. Awesome!! It is really an eye opener for me to know Wales and she will be my next destination to visit.

  5. Beautiful photos. Wales definitely deserves more attention from travellers..it is too often missed when people travel to the UK.

  6. Beautiful! I’ve only seen a small part of Wales in a small amount of time, but I feel in love.

  7. Gorgeous shots! I think Whales has the most beautiful sky in the world.

  8. Amazing pictures! They really transfer a feeling of Wales, thanks for the short trip to there.

  9. Amazing photos! (Was that a heliport in the middle of the castle, first photo at top of page?) What is the translation of the very long town name? I have Great Britain (Scotland!) on my bucket list but will add Wales to it. Perhaps I have long-lost relatives there also. lol

    • It wasn’t a helipad. It is where the investiture ceremony for the Prince of Wales takes place at Carnarvon Castle.

      • Odd that it’s a concrete area … I would think a grassy site would look better but then the kneeling Prince of Wales would get grass-stained trousers and that just wouldn’t do for his Royal Highness.

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