OnTravel Interview: South Africa

After spending several weeks driving around Southern Africa, a week of which with my friend Shannon O’Donnell, we did a joint appearance on, OnTravel. It was a two-part show where we talked about our impressions of Africa and the travels we had upcoming during the next few months: my trip to St. Helena and Shannon’s trip to Tanzania and Kenya.

Part 1

Part 2

5 thoughts on “OnTravel Interview: South Africa”

  1. I love Africa too, I really enjoyed watching at the Discovery Channel about their cultures and their places. My neighbor who is working currently at Africa told me that Africa is an open country.

  2. That was awesome! I was listening to you smiling to myself, you actually sound kind of Canadian. I know you’re from Wisconsin but… close enough maybe.

    Anyways, A driving holiday in the south of Africa would be wonderful. What are car hire prices like?

    Also, your comment about how people should put down guide books and pick up history books is a good one! Nothing against guide books, but you get so much more from a history book (and guide books are hard to keep accurate!)

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