Day 26-27, West Africa Cruise – At Sea, Off the coast of Mauritania

Latitude: 21° 05.20′ N
Longitude: 17° 51.30′ W

As the cruise is winding down, I thought it was worth it to take a moment to talk about the passengers on the ship.

Prior to boarding the ship in Cape Town, I suspected that the other passengers would be well traveled people. West Africa isn’t the sort of trip a first time traveler takes.

My suspicions were right.

The ship was a collection of people who spent a lifetime traveling the world. The passengers did skew older (after all, not many people have a full month to devote to a trip) and I was one of the younger passengers on the ship.

Here is a short description of how well traveled the people on the ship were:

  • There were at least 8 people on the ship who were members of the Traveler’s Century Club and probably another two dozen who could be if they wanted to.
  • One woman visited her 200th TCC destination while on the trip.
  • One man was a platinum level member and had been to over 264 TCC destinations in his life.
  • During a storytelling night, many people had travel tales going back 40 or 50 years.
  • One couple consisted of an Englishman and an Israeli woman (who was born in Lithuania) who met in Guatemala, were engaged in Egypt, and married in Sri Lanka. They now live in Australia.
  • It was the 5th trip on the Expedition for one woman, who had also gone to Antarctica and the Arctic with G Adventures.
  • Outside of some small island in the Pacific, I couldn’t find a place where I’ve been where another passenger hadn’t been.

This is actually an extreme case of what I’ve noticed on almost every trip I’ve been on with G Adventures: well traveled people. Traveling with well traveled people is always more interested and more pleasant than traveling with people who stick to all inclusive resorts.

Next Stop: Dakhla, Western Sahara