Commence Operation Street Food

Khao San Road, BangkokIf you haven’t been to Bangkok before, it is arguably the best city in the world for street food. WIthin in one block of where I’m staying is a mall worth of sidewalk vendors all selling different types of food.

Starting tomorrow, I am only going to eat street food for an entire week. Every meal and every snack is going to come from someone selling food from a folding table, a pushcart or a modified motorbike. I’m going to log everything, including the price, and take photos of every thing I eat. I’m also going to try and get as much variety as I can.

There are two reasons I’m doing this: 1) the Internet loves a gimmick and this is pretty gimmicky. This is also going to be a very delicious gimmick. 2) It is a way to take photos and write while I’m stuck at my computer the next few days.

It should be fun and I hope you like the results.

Since I’ve arrived in Bangkok I haven’t been more than a block away from of Soi 33. It took me two days to get over the flight and the lack of sleep and I’ve been at my computer the rest of the time trying get caught up on all my photo editing. I’m making progress and I should be totally done in a day or two. I haven’t been caught up on photo editing in over a year, so it will feel good.

To everyone who offered to help with my website, I did get your email, but I haven’t responded yet. I figured I’d get 2 or 3 offers, but instead I got close to 30. I’ll be getting back to everyone one way or the other in the next few days. There looks to be some amazing talent at my disposal. I’m honored and pleasantly surprised.

If you have any suggestions for street food I should try during my stunt this week, please leave a comment.

9 thoughts on “Commence Operation Street Food”

  1. Oh man! One more reason imply must get back to Thailand. I’ve only been to 17 countries so far, but I agree that Thai street food is the best!

  2. I really like this sweet street food that are nuts covered in jelly balls drenched in coconut milk, it is called tub tim krop,
    I had great curry at the flower market .
    I also loved the dried squid.
    what else? hmm I also lvoed the mieng kam: skewers with small green leaves stuffed with dried shrimp, peanuts, lemon, onions, with a slightly sweet sauce.

  3. Oh, I am so jealous. I’m enjoying the steaks and empanadas in Buenos Aires, but would gladly change places with you for this week. Haven’t found anything better than Bangkok street food.

    To add variety, try to get in some street dim sum, summer rolls (fresh, not fried spring rolls), and add different condiments to your pad thai each time you get it. Enjoy and good luck finishing your photo editing. We’re way behind…

  4. Mangosteens…lots and lots of mangosteens. I first stumbled on them at night market near Saphan Taksin. Nearly paid the lady the price per kilo for a single fruit…thankfully she either didn’t realize I was that dim or didn’t have the heart to take advantage of me. Delicious fruit you cannot get in the U.S. because import requires irradiation, which kills the flavor.

  5. Good luck with this yummy endeavour … lake lots of pics so we can eat vicariously through our computer screens! :P

  6. Ok, I love the idea of “eating the street” from one end to another, but, I have to tell you, looking at your picture made me laugh out loud! Burger King and Starbucks! Go for it!

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