Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Waterton Lakes National Park is located on the southern border of Alberta and is adjacent to Glacier National Park in Montana. Together, Glacier and Waterton form the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park UNESCO World Heritage Site. Waterton is much smaller than its neighbor to the south but may be more beautiful. Situated around Lake Waterton, the …

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Red Bay Basque Whaling Station

Red Bay Basque Whaling Station UNESCO World Heritage Site

From the World Heritage inscription for the Red Bay Basque Whaling Station: Situated in Labrador, in north-eastern Canada, on the shores of the Strait of Belle Isle, Red Bay was an Arctic maritime base for Basque mariners in the 16th century. It is the earliest, most comprehensive and best preserved archaeological testimony of a pre-industrial …

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Landscape of Grand Pré

Landscape of Grand Pré UNESCO World Heritage Site

From the Landscape of Grand Pré World Heritage inscription the Landscape of Grand Pré: Situated in the southern Minas Basin of Nova Scotia, the Grand Pré marshland and archaeological sites constitute a cultural landscape bearing testimony to the development of agricultural farmland using dykes and the aboiteau wooden sluice system, started by the Acadians in …

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