11 Best Things to do in Iceland Outside of the Golden Circle

11 Best Things to do in Iceland Outside of the Golden Circle

Iceland has exploded onto the travel scene in the past decade. It’s no wonder – thanks to its combination of nearly unbelievable landscapes, Northern Lights-spotting opportunities, and badly-behaved (but great-looking) volcanoes.

Although it can feel like every traveler is planning or has just returned from a trip to Iceland, there are plenty of cool spots away from the island’s increasingly crowded Golden Circle.

I’ve picked 11 of my favorite things to do in Iceland that aren’t in the Golden Circle – don’t miss them on your next trip.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Northern Portugal

15 Best Places to Visit in Northern Portugal

Apart from Porto, Northern Portugal is often forgotten by international tourists. However, as Portuguese who traveled extensively in our country, we know that northern Portugal is probably the most authentic region, with a wide range of interesting destinations. If you are planning a trip to Portugal you should reserve at least a few days to discover it. In this post, we will present you with some of the most interesting things to do in Northern Portugal.

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16 Adventure Activities in Peru for Thrill-Seekers

16 Adventure Activities in Peru for Thrill-Seekers

Peru is a striking South American country with an incredible variation in landscape. From cities to desert, beaches to rainforest, mountains to lakes, Peru is a hotbed for travelers who have a need for speed! This guide details the adventure activities in Peru in the sky, on the sea, and on the ground.

Adventure Activities in Peru

There are a variety of adventure activities in Peru. These experiences range from soft adventure for those who like a bike ride or tame water sports to extreme adventure in the form of multi-day hikes and sandboarding in an oasis. Although two weeks in Peru is the most popular timeframe for traveling around the country, you could easily spend longer. Keep reading to find out why.

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Highlights of Cuba

Highlights of Cuba

Cuba is unlike any place you have ever visited. Its recent history, socio-political development, and proximity to the U.S. make it unique in the world. Cuba is also beautiful with stunning beaches, lush, tropical foliage and dramatic architecture. But Cuba’s most winning feature, what really sets it apart, is its culture reflected in the people, art and music. There is nothing quite like this magical island anywhere else in the world.

If you are thinking of going to Cuba and want to hit the key highlights, read on.

Cuba Route

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7 Reasons Why Working Abroad Is the Best Way to Travel (and How to Do It)

7 Reasons Why Working Abroad Is the Best Way to Travel (and How to Do It)

You see it every day on Instagram, a news article, or Facebook…

Someone traveling the world—posing at impossibly perfect beaches on an island you never heard of, so beautiful, you’ve only seen them in movies, or meandering ancient temples in Indonesia and Cambodia…

And time and time again you think, “damn, they are so lucky.”

But let’s get one thing straight. They are far from lucky. Luck means something happened by chance. The fact that they had the means to go to these places is not luck (unless they literally won a contest or something). They worked for it. They gave up things to save the money. They made the effort to prioritize travel. This isn’t luck. This is priorities.

The thing is, there are plenty of ways to save to travel more. It takes a lot of work, don’t get me wrong, but it’s possible. And nearly anyone can travel nowadays.

But what’s better is that you can travel, live and work in the countries you’ve only seen in a small box that you’ve double-tapped on your phone. It seems far-fetched, but it’s the best way to travel. Well, at least in my opinion! Maybe yours too?

If you’re curious why living and working abroad is the best way to travel and how to actually do it, you’re in the right place…

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The Tsingy of Madagascar

The Tsingy of Madagascar

The tsingy of Madagascar, the thin, needle-like rock formations in the country, have a soft, sweet sing-song name.

With one foot on a knife-edge, the other in the air, the word soft didn’t come into it. I gripped the tsingy and tried not to look down. A long, long way down.

In Malagasy, the word tsingy means “walking on tip toes” or “the place where one cannot walk barefoot.” It’s a translation I’d overlooked for reasons that didn’t come to mind right now.

My hand grazed another and I did my best to ignore the pace of my pulse. I had to focus, to cling, to move. To grip and not to slip.

And then she appeared.

Light of foot and dancing.

A lemur. Then another. And another. Hopping, bouncing, chatting and calling, they danced and danced while I clung on.

And despite my heavy, dizzy, legs, I felt my heart join in, fluttering like lemur tails to be here in the wild in Madagascar.

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The Arid Trails of Big Bend National Park

The Arid Trails of Big Bend National Park

As I close in on my quest to visit every National Park in the United States, there are still a few I have yet to visit. Today’s guest, Kay Rodriguez, gives us a taste of one of the lesser visited national parks in the US: Big Bend National Park, Texas.

Everyone knows the stereotypes about Texas. The endless, dusty roads littered with tumbleweeds and the scrap metal remains of industrial vehicles. The decaying buildings and ghost towns covered in reddish-brown soot.

Nothingness. Lots of empty nothingness.

In the middle of those dusty roads, on the border of the United States and Mexico, is a breathtaking outcropping of mountains, canyons, and the famed Rio Grande. Perhaps the Texas stereotypes prove true somewhere, but Big Bend National Park is a different story.

Arid landscape of Big Bend National Park

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Treking in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan

Treking in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan

Today’s post is by Joan Torres, who is writing about the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan. I was in Tajikistan in 2016 but I didn’t make it to the Pamir Mountains. I know several people who have visited, and from everything I’ve heard, it is an amazing place.

At almost 5,000 meters (16400 feet) above sea level, we finally reached the Gumbezkul Pass, where we were blessed with a 360º view of the Pamir range, surrounded by tens of peaks, which I am pretty sure, they were all above 6,500 meters (21,000 feet).

The Pamir range was like we had read in books: a deep feeling of remoteness, solitude and strikingly sharp mountains. The frozen wind was blowing extremely hard and we had not seen a single soul on the whole trek, besides the occasional nomadic camp and herds of Pamir yaks. There were no signs of vegetation and, at the end of August, all you could see were snow-capped, gray mountains.

It was simply beautiful and not only because of all those gorgeous peaks but also, because of the strong symbolism which, for centuries, the Pamir Mountains have carried. Home to some of the most off the beaten track nomadic camps in Central Asia, these trails had been an important part of the Silk Road, which can be seen in the numerous fortresses and Buddha carvings in what is today a Muslim country.

Trekking the Pamir plateau is the ultimate adventure and a destination only suitable for the most adventurous travelers.

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