Lets get going

I’m going to pretty much be posting here from now on rather than my personal website.

My house is now up for sale. The process of getting it ready for show was a big pain in the ass. I had a company come in yesterday to “stage” the house. That means they brought in better furniture than I own, crap like throw pillows and art, and made the house look pretty. If you’ve seen my house, here is a photo of the new (albeit temporary) livingroom:

I’m hoping for an offer in 30 days, and realistically expecting 60.


I like this theme, but hate the color scheme. I’m not going with red and blue. It will take a while to figure out how to change everything and what colors I want.

The journey of a thousand miles…

This is the modest beginning of my trip website.

Right now there isn’t much, but over the next several weeks, it should begin to take form, both in terms of layout and content. If you should happen to find this, please leave a comment so I know who is here and so I can get your feedback.