No Matter Where I Go, There I Am

Home Is Where You Are
Home Is Where You Are
There are certain things you realize after wandering the Earth for over half a decade. Things which you never even knew were things until you get the perspective of being away for long period of time.

One of the things which has changed is my concept of home.

Like most people, prior to traveling I’ve lived in some sort of dwelling my whole life. I always had a place where I had my stuff and I could go to bed. Whenever I would travel, even when I was traveling around the US attending debate tournaments in college, I knew I would eventually be heading back to the place where I had all my stuff.

This is something which is ingrained so deeply in most people that they don’t even recognize it. They’ve never been without a home, so they’ve never had the feeling of being without it.

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18 Photos to Make You Want to Visit Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

This summer I had the pleasure of visiting Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Previously known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, Haida Gwaii is an archipelago of islands off the northern coast of British Columbia and south of the Alaskan Panhandle. Haida Gwaii means “islands of the people” in the native Haida language.

The premier attraction in Haida Gwaii is Gwaii Haanas National Park. It is a very remote and difficult to access are with few overland options for entering the park available. I explored the park on a 4-day zodiac trip with local tour operator, Morseby Explorers.

Haida Gwaii is one of the most wonderful, yet least known places in North America. If you are ever exploring Northern British Columbia, you should be a part of your itinerary.

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October 2012 Questions and Answers

It is time once again to dip into the proverbial inbox and answer the burning questions that internet has been dying to ask.

Happy To Be Homeless asks: Do you ever worry about your carbon footprint on the world? I’m not a huge environmentalist by any means, but it seems that you take numerous long-duration flights for “not-so-long” stays at your travel destinations…

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Jeff Greenwald – The World’s First Travel Blogger

In August of 2012 I attended the Book Passage Travel Writing Conference and had the pleasure to meet Jeff Greenwald. He was introduced to me as being the world’s first travel blogger. Needless to say I was intrigued by this claim.

As it turns out, he does indeed have a pretty solid claim on being the first travel writer to post a story on the world wide web back in January 1994. While some academic from CERN or the Univesity of Illinois might have updated his website overseas, I’m pretty certain that Jeff was probably the first travel writer to actually submit a travel story via the world wide web as his first post was less than a year after the first release of the Mosaic browser. I thought Jeff’s story was fascinating and a great insight to how the world of travel blogging came about.

Here is Jeff…

Jeff Greenwald back in 1993
Jeff Greenwald on the completion of his voyage in 1994
In early 1993, I decided to try an experiment that seemed utterly insane.

For the past 14 years—since 1979—I’d been working as a photojournalist. My assignments had taken me around the globe, but in spite of all the miles I’d flown I didn’t feel like much of a real traveler. In truth, I felt like I was somehow … cheating.

It isn’t hard to say why. It was a result of flying itself. Airports are the great, bland equalizers of civilization; arriving in every new country, from Turkey to Thailand, felt exactly the same. Travel itself, which had seemed so thrilling and exotic when I’d started out, had become tame and predictable. The whole world, in fact, was feeling freakishly small.

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Why You’ll Regret Traveling to Iowa for the Bridges of Madison County

Whenever I plan a trip to visit family, I look around to see what else I can see and do while I’m there. This past weekend, I headed to Des Moines, Iowa and so I began my search. There are only three things Iowa is known for… cornfields, the Field of Dreams (also a cornfield) and the Bridges of Madison County.

Now, I’m not one to knock cornfields. My very first blog (way back in 2002!) had a “Corn Watch” photo feature, where I’d take pictures of corn wherever I went. I went to the Corn Palace in South Dakota. I even married the son of a corn farmer. Going out of my way to see corn is a pretty ridiculous notion. So, we were down to one option – the Bridges of Madison County.

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What I’ve Learned From 6 Years Of Travel Blogging

On October 14, 2006 I made my first blog post to I had actually been “blogging” since 1997, but we didn’t call it blogging back then. It was just my personal website. (which still exists by the way).
Having no background as a journalist, writer or photographer, I have come a long way in 6 years. Today, I’m a Lowell Thomas Award winner with a personal audience of over 100,000 people. I’ve gone from nothing to having one of the largest travel blogs on the planet. As a photographer I should note that I literally didn’t know the settings on my camera when I started.

In the last half decade, I’ve explored a huge chunk of the world, I’ve met amazing people and have been able to make a living out of traveling.

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