This Week In Travel – Episode 124

My co-host Chris Christensen attended TBEX Europe in Girona, Spain recently and was asked to step in and do a live version of the show as one of the keynote sessions. Our guests included: Dylan Lowe Veronica Montuges Jaume Marin William Bakker Pam Mandel Keith Jenkins Subscribe on Apple Podcasts

The Two Continent Club

I have this crazy thing I do where I categorize people based on the number of continents I’ve met them on in person. It all started in the first year of my travels with some random German girl who I first met in Japan and I later saw in Australia. I realized “Hey, we’ve met …

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This Week in Travel – Episode 123

Regular hosts Jen Leo and Chris Christensen are joined by this week’s guest hosts Lowell Thomas Award winning journalist Kara Williams of and and Sean Keener from BootsNAll Subscribe on Apple Podcasts