The Two Continent Club

I have this crazy thing I do where I categorize people based on the number of continents I’ve met them on in person. It all started in the first year of my travels with some random German girl who I first met in Japan and I later saw in Australia. I realized “Hey, we’ve met on two continents!”

Since then I’ve been adding members to the club every few months.

The club is one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. There have been more Nobel Prizes winners than there are members of the Two Continent Club.

This week is the big TBEX Europe conference where I’ll be adding a lot of names to the list. I figured I should actually codify this list so it will be easier to keep track.

Most of the people on the list are bloggers and other people I’ve met at conferences. Usually, they are the ones traveling and have my contact info.

I know that I’m forgetting people. If I’ve left your name off the list, just contact me and remind me where and when we met.

I’ll be keeping this list updated as time goes on and I add more names.

Four Continent Club

  • Bruce Poon Tip (Asia, North America, Australia, Europe)
  • Shannon O’Donnell (Asia, North America, Europe, Africa)

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  1. I have been following your blog for almost a year and am curious if you know about this website. It is called and I am certain you and your four-continent members would be listed if you joined. You like lists! It looks like it is similar to the Travel Century Club, in which you pay a fee, and the reason I haven’t joined yet.

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