My 10 Favorite Museums

This the second installment in a series for my 4th Travelversay Celebration.

One of my favorite activities is visiting the great museums of the world. Unlike my list of favorite cities which had a heavy Asia/Pacific bent, this list has a heavy European bent. The simple fact is, Europe has far better museums than Asia.

I’ve researched other list of great museums in the world and there seems to be at least a general consensus on what are the top museums. I’ve been able to visit most of the museums and my list isn’t radically different.

I don’t have photos for many of the museums because some museums do not allow photography and I often just never think to take a photo of the exterior of a museum. Continue reading “My 10 Favorite Museums”

My 10 Favorite Cities

This is the first installment in a series for my 4th Travelversay Celebration.

I have no idea how many cities I’ve been to during my travels, but if you just include cities where I’ve slept at least one night, it has to be in the hundreds. These cities have stuck out in my mind for some reason over the years. This is probably one of the hardest lists I had to compile because there were so many other cities that were worthy of mention.

10) Noumea, New Caledonia

Noumea is easily the most beautiful city in the Pacific outside of New Zealand. It is almost like a city on the French Rivera which has been transported to the Pacific. Walking around Noumea and its several harbors was a great experience. The biggest downside to Noumea is the cost. They use the Pacific Franc as their currency. It is now pegged to the Euro, but when I was there it was floating separately. Continue reading “My 10 Favorite Cities”

Let The 4 Year Travelversary Celebration Begin !!!

On March 13, 2007 I turned over the keys, and signed over the deed to my house. That is the date I celebrate as the beginning of my travels. That was the point of no return.

This year I’m going to do something a bit different to celebrate my time on the road. Most of my readers weren’t around during the beginning of my travels, so they might only have been paying attention to my most recent adventures. I also always get asked by people what my favorite places are.

I’ve decided to address both those things with a vengeance!

Starting tomorrow I will do something very out of character for me: I will begin a series of lists of my favorite places in 11 different categories. These lists will become permanent parts of my site and will be linked to up the main menu of the site.

Periodically, I’ll be updating the lists as I visit more places.

Here is what the series will entail:

  1. Favorite Cities (March 14)
  2. Favorite Museums (March 15)
  3. Favorite SCUBA Sites (March 16)
  4. Favorite Historical Sites (March 17)
  5. Favorite Natural Sites (March 20)
  6. Favorite Cuisines (March 21)
  7. Favorite Buildings/Structures (March 23)
  8. Favorite Drives (March 27)
  9. Favorite Experiences (March 28)
  10. Favorite Beaches (March 31)

These lists will be 100% subjective based on my own opinion. Much of my opinion may have been influence by conditions during my stay.

This will be a fun exercise for me because it will force me to go back and think about places I haven’t thought about in a while.

I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I did doing it!

Surviving The Tsunami That Wasn’t

Front St. in Lahaina
Front St. in Lahaina
As all of you are probably aware, there was a tsunami warning across the Pacific last night from the 8.9 earthquake which struck off the coast of Japan.

You are also probably aware that in the end (thankfully) not much happened outside of Japan.

Nonetheless, it was an extremely hectic night and I learned several valuable things from it.

I went to go get something to eat last night around 7:30pm. Lahaina is a tourist town and there was a cruise ship in port so all the restaurants were busy. I ended up going to Famous Dave’s for no other reason than they had immediate seating.

Just before I was finished eating, I received a text message from a girl I met in Maui that said there was a 8.3 magnitude earthquake in Japan and that there was a tsunami warning. Almost at the same time I received a message from Jodi Ettenberg who is in Chiang Mai, Thailand saying the same thing. Continue reading “Surviving The Tsunami That Wasn’t”

Lanai Update

I haven’t updated much in the last week because I’ve been on the island of Lanai in Hawaii. It is another one of these periods where the traveling has overtaken the blogging. I’ve been switching hotels every two nights, been dealing with business stuff and of course just doing my usual traveling and taking photos during most of the day, which usually makes me tired in the evening and in no mood to write.

I’ll be writing much more about Lanai in the next few weeks but suffice it to say it was a very different experience from what I’ve had on other Hawaiian Islands. Lanai is really a small town with only 3,100 inhabitants. It is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the in your face tourism you will find in Waikiki. Lanai calls itself the Pineapple Island, but it really should get another nickname. Something like “the hidden gem island”, or “the best kept secret island”. The fact that they don’t grow pineapples there anymore only supports this fact. Continue reading “Lanai Update”