My 10 Favorite Museums

This the second installment in a series for my 4th Travelversay Celebration. One of my favorite activities is visiting the great museums of the world. Unlike my list of favorite cities which had a heavy Asia/Pacific bent, this list has a heavy European bent. The simple fact is, Europe has far better museums than Asia. …

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My 10 Favorite Cities

This is the first installment in a series for my 4th Travelversay Celebration. I have no idea how many cities I’ve been to during my travels, but if you just include cities where I’ve slept at least one night, it has to be in the hundreds. These cities have stuck out in my mind for …

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This Week In Travel – Episode 76

This week’s guests were Andrew Evans of National Geographic and Jessica Spiegel of Why Go Italy. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts

Surviving The Tsunami That Wasn’t

As all of you are probably aware, there was a tsunami warning across the Pacific last night from the 8.9 earthquake which struck off the coast of Japan. You are also probably aware that in the end (thankfully) not much happened outside of Japan. Nonetheless, it was an extremely hectic night and I learned several …

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Lanai Update

I haven’t updated much in the last week because I’ve been on the island of Lanai in Hawaii. It is another one of these periods where the traveling has overtaken the blogging. I’ve been switching hotels every two nights, been dealing with business stuff and of course just doing my usual traveling and taking photos …

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