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Moon Rock Redux

If you have been following my site for a while, or have gone back to read my old posts, you will remember the discovery I made in the Solomon Islands. I found a moon rock from the Apollo missions in an open display cabinet at the national museum in Honiara. (I think that post has […]

Bungle in the Jungle: Finale

Read Parts One and Two Sunday, July 29 On Sunday, I asked if there were any trails I could take to go see the cliffs. I think they were confused why I would want to go there, but they obliged. We took off across the lake again to go to the village. The same one […]

Bungle in the Jungle: Day 2

Read part one of my Rennell adventure here. The “tourism” business on Rennell is informal to say the least. Not only was I the only real tourist on the island, but I really didn’t know how I could go about exploring the lake and the island once I was there. There are obviously no cars […]

Bungle in the Jungle: Day 1

My trip to Rennell is certainly the biggest feather in my travel hat to date. Why? The number of non-Soloman Islanders who visit each year is around 10. You’ll probably understand why when you’re done reading this. The thing which made this my biggest adventure isn’t any one thing so much as the sum total […]


Oh, man. I just got back from Rennell Island. I don’t know where to begin or what to say. This weekend was probably one of the biggest adventures I’ve had in my life and certainly on my trip. As soon as I get my stuff together, I’ll begin working on a much longer post about […]

The Curious Case of the Solomon Islands Moon Rock

For those of you who don’t know me personally, let me explain something about myself. I’m a smart guy who is socially retarded. I can explain calculus to people who don’t know math. I own at trivia. I have a capacity to remember all sorts of stuff that most people, rightfully so, would never bother […]

Everything’s Coming Up Gary

The Solomons isn’t turning out like Vanuatu….thank God. I got my flight to Rennell Island booked which worried me. i had read that it was usually booked. Likewise, my flights out of Honoria all the way to Hawaii should be fine with minimal sitting around time. I should be in Honolulu on August 14th and […]

35,000 Feet Above The Pacific Ocean

I’m writing this in route from Port Villa, Vanuatu to Honoria, Solomon Islands…. I had an interesting experience at the Port Villa airport. When the flight with my plane to Honiara landed, there were a bunch of police and TV cameras waiting. I didn’t know what was going on. I assume it was a politician […]

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