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  1. I knew we must be talking about different things. I’ve never heard of anything called a cream pie. Here we’d call those either a meringue or custard pie, if we had them at all. I’ve never lived anywhere that has the fascination with pies that the US seems to have.

    Coconut milk is the liquid in the centre of a coconut – tastes a bit fizzy in green coconuts, sour and bitter in mature ones. Coconut cream is pressed out of the flesh of the coconut, looks like cream and is sweet. It’s often used to cook greens and fish in PNG & the Solomons(nice but fattening), and is sometimes used in vegetarian cooking to replace cream as long as it doesn’t need whipping.

    If you want a different take on Gilligan’s Island (which I’ve seen maybe twice – it’s never been on where I lived) try Gilligan’s Island Conspiracy sometime.

  2. Go and watch the show. The cream is a whipped cream. Just like in banana cream pie or any other cream pie.

    I’ve heard of ‘coconut milk’ but never ‘coconut cream’. Coconut cream of course is just a figure of speech as there is no lactose in coconut juice.

    Photos: http://images.google.com.sb/images?svnum=10&um=1&hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=fS9&q=coconut+cream+pie&btnG=Search+Images


    I’m even giving the castaways the benefit of the doubt in growing their own sugar cane.

  3. Umm – your definition of a coconut cream pie must be different from mine. Here, we would assume that meant it was made with ‘coconut cream’, which comes from coconuts, not cows.

  4. Something I realized traveling around the Pacific….

    In every episode of Gilligan’s Island, Mary-Anne and Ginger made coconut cream pies.

    To make a coconut cream pie you need cream. To get cream you need milk. To get milk you need mammals. South Pacific islands don’t have any mammals.

    The only possible sources for the cream were MARY-ANNE AND GINGER THEMSELVES!!!! EWWWWWW

  5. I think it is either the episode with the headhunters, the one where that rocket goes off course and lands on Gary’s island, or the one with the hilarious Japanese guy who doesn’t know that WWII is over. In any case, he’s not getting off the island anytime soon.

  6. Nazi frogmen, a case of stolen plutonium, and Robin Yount’s left testicle all figure prominently in Gary’s upcoming post.

  7. Very good. Building the suspense. Anyone out there want to hazard a guess as to what would qualify as the biggest adventure of Gary’s life?

    I’m going to guess that it somehow involves rock magnetism.

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