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Monday Travel Update – Lord Howe Island Edition


I have arrived on Lord Howe Island, about 500 miles off the coast of Australia. It is a gorgeous island and easily one of the most beautiful I have ever visited. Lord Howe isn’t very big. It has around 300 inhabitants and there is a 400 person limit on the number of visitors that can be on the island.

Getting here isn’t hard, but it is expensive. Qantas has a monopoly on the route and charges monopoly prices.

One odd thing I’ve noticed, is that whenever I talk to an Australian who has been to Lord Howe, they have been here more than once. Once you visit, there is good chance you will be coming back.

I spent the last week in Sydney, which was rather eye opening. I had been to Sydney several times before but never really went there with Sydney in mind as a destination. I was always there on a layover or just resting in between trips. I had never been to any of the beaches in Sydney and never got beyond the central business district.

This trip I got to see and explore much more of the city. I went kayaking in the harbor, did a harbor cruise, toured around Manly, did a bar crawl, and walked from Bronte to Bondi Beach were I tried my hand at surfing for the first time (it didn’t go well).

The reason for my trip here was to visit the Australian Open of Surfing which was held on Manly Beach. I was invited by Destination New South Wales who was a sponsor of the surfing event and flew me out here.

As a guy who never saw salt water until he was 21, it was an eye opening experience. I knew nothing about surfing and I learned an incredible amount about the sport, the business of professional surfing and the culture.

I’m only on Lord Howe for 2 days so I’ll be spending the rest of today and tomorrow taking photos and hiking before I’m back off to Sydney. On Thursday I leave for Texas where I’ll be spending the week working with my assistant Amy before heading off to San Francisco in early March.

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  1. Brendon says:

    Read a report recently by a well respected Aussie travel blogger. He wrote that if you want to get away from Aussie tourists, staying at Australian islands like Lordd Howe is the way to go :) The irony of travel

  2. I have to get myself to Lord Howe Island. Will I be turned around if I’m number 401. ;)

  3. Sydney was honestly not my first choice city. I lived in Adelaide but if I could do it over id live in Manly or by Cairns! Whats your job exactly?

  4. Linda says:

    What a truly romantic image of the island you’ve taken! And I so like the idea that they limit the number of people wandering round at any one time. Not that I’m anti-social, but it’s difficult to find somewhere quiet unspoilt and secluded these days!

  5. Seconded on the surfing sentiment! That warrants a whole post in itself: adventures in surfing. Or was it misadventures? The latter is always for a better story, as I know since everything for me is a misadventure.

  6. Ruby Benz says:

    one of the places i wish to visit..lovely sharing again of your travels Gary!

  7. Travelyn says:

    I’d love to visit Lord Howe Island to see the Mutton Birds or Shearwaters. I believe they are an amazing experience during their breeding season. On my bucket list!

  8. JohnnyOut says:

    pretty good! im about to go there. tks

  9. Dan calder says:

    Love the sound of Lord Howe island. Will we get to see more photos?

  10. When are we going to see photos of your surfing attempt? :-)

  11. Angela Brown says:

    Lord Howe Island is awesome. I was there in my holidays it’s just superb place to chill out.

  12. Alex says:

    Loved this post. Reminded me a lot of some of my memories in Australia. I studied abroad there for six months and like you, Sydney was honestly not my first choice city. I lived in Adelaide but if I could do it over id live in Manly or by Cairns! Whats your job exactly?

  13. Mooplace says:

    Great travel from Lord Howe Island. It seem that that was a remarkable place you’ve even been.

    Thank you for sharing.

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