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A small cafe in Siena, Italy

A small cafe in Siena, Italy

A small cafe in Siena, Italy

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  1. Hla Myaing says:

    Perfect Photo. I am glad for you to enjoy such place.

  2. nicolo says:

    Really nice picture. Tuscany is fulffiled with gems and atmospheres and this picture encloses all Tuscany’s magic vibes. Next time you come come to visit my family hotel, the Certosa di Maggiano. It’s the oldiest Carthusian monastery in Tuscany and my parents bought it back in the 60′. First home, then hotel we all still live and work there. A magic place among others in Tuscany :) !

  3. Dean says:

    Perfect. I loved Siena and many of the other old medieval towns in Tuscany. Great photo as always.

  4. Jamie says:

    Beautiful town. I went a couple of times, I have friends who have a farm / agriturismo in a little place called Pari, not too far from Siena. They go and sell in the market in Siena sometimes. I live in Thailand, but it’s still possible to be jealous of where other people live!

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